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What’s God of War New Game+ Update? How to download it on PS4.

( Download God of War New Game+ on PS4 because the update is now available and you can add a wealth of new content to the game. The Game+ update for God of War is available as a free patch and in order to access it on your PS4, you will need to complete the game’s story. Here’s everything you need to know to download God of War New Game+ on PS4.

What’s new in the God of War New Game+ update?

If you’ve been replaying the God of War game, you can stop now and start downloading the latest New Game+ and explore new features, customization options, weapons, and gears. Sony has released the update and the New Game+ features a little different bonding between Kratos and his son Atreus. The new game mode allows players to skip cinematics even in the normal mode. For that, players will have to complete the New Game+ mode first.

Sony has released the God of War New Game+ update to celebrate the game’s four-month anniversary. If you haven’t completed the story campaign, do that first because it’s the only way you can play the latest content. There’s no restriction for difficulty level that means you can complete the story campaign at any difficulty level.

The new game mode carries over everything including your gears and resources from your previous gameplay sessions. You will now face more challenging levels and highly skilled enemies. Sony says that the New Game+ update is inspired by feedback the studio received from fans. As mentioned earlier, the update brings new features and in-game items for players, and it also cranks ups the difficulty level. Some of the enemies will have new techniques that they will use against you. The God of War New Game+ adds a new resource called Skap Slag that allows players to upgrade their gear to the highest level possible.

How to download God of War New Game+ on PS4

To download the God of War New Game+ on PlayStation 4, the first thing you need to make sure is if you have completed the main game’s story campaign or not. Those who have completed the main story can access the new content as the update is available for free to all. Additionally, if you love replaying the game, with the New Game+ update you can do the same as there’s an option that lets you restart the New Game+ so you can replay the new content whenever you want.

One of the best decisions developers made with the New Game+ is the availability of difficulty selection in the beginning. Regardless of the difficulty settings you used for the story campaign, when you begin New Game+, you will be asked to choose your difficulty setting. Both Kratos and Atreus get new gameplay abilities and armour sets. A new ability called chest piece creates massive explosions when you stomp on rage stones. However, keep in mind that most of the new features you will be getting in the God of War New Game+ won’t be available in the main game. Some features are available only in the New Game+.

Recently, God of War Director Cory Barlog revealed some interesting details about the game’s concept art and shared some behind the scene details about the game. He revealed that the team at Santa Monica Studio was not sure about the game’s setting as they had to choose between Norse and Egyptian mythologies.

Interestingly, these two were not the only options as the team was also considering Inca and Hindu myths for the game’s setting. When it was a 50/50 situation for the development team, Barlog himself voted for the Norse mythology setting. The team created some visuals for Egyptian setting as well. Barlog showed the same at an event.

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