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The 10 Best Anime of 2018 So Far.

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( The year 2018 has been a big surprise for anime fans as it carried a bunch of fantabulous anime. But, which is the best among them? Here you have an answer.

  1. Darling in the Franxx

This masterpiece came from the Studio Trigger and A1 Pictures, perhaps expectation can be high and you will not be disappointed too. Though this anime has received mixed reviews, it is successful in capturing the attention of the audience for more than 20 episodes. The most curious part of this anime is the time period of the story. Yes! It takes you to a distant future where you will not find the elements that you have around you now.

Inside a mobile fort city called Plantation, human beings are born and raised. It’s a world for them and there come dangerous monsters in huge robots. While completing the final episode, you wouldn’t want miss the adorable ending. Apart from that, there are several nail-biting moments throughout the story that make “Darling in the Franxx” one of the best anime of 2018.

  1. B: The Beginning

The new anime series B: The Beginning is a visual marvel featuring gorgeous artwork by Production I.G. It is available exclusively on Netflix and was premiered in March 2018. The first season of B: The Beginning has 12 episodes focused on an investigation agency that’s behind a serial killer known as “Killer B”.

The anime series looks more powerful during the animated action sequences. Exploring the relationship between the characters is fun and it is one of the most impactful parts of the series. Overall, if you’re looking for a thriller drama, B: The Beginning certainly deserves a place on the list of the best anime of 2018. Netflix has confirmed that the B: The Beginning Season 2 is already in production.

  1. Kokkoku

At first, Kokkoku appears to be just another anime about the life of a family where things aren’t working well, but there’s so much more in the dynamic story that features horror and action elements. The story gets unfolded quickly and in the first episode only, the viewers get to learn key details about the series and its characters. One of the reasons we consider Kokkoku among the best anime of 2018 is its representation. The characters don’t appear and introduce themselves or talk a lot about their lives, you get to learn about them by watching.

  1. Violet Evergarden

This episodic anime series was released on Netflix in April 2018. Violet Evergarden follows the story of a child soldier Violet who used to work under Major Gilbert Bougainville. Illustration by Akiko Takase does more than what the publisher Kyoto Animation promised. After the war, Violet gets adopted by the Evergarden family but cannot adjust to the civilian life as she was raised in military communities. Thoughtful representation of her life events makes Violet Evergarden one of the best anime of 2018 so far. Whether you’re interested in an engaging storyline, eye-catching animations, Violet Evergarden is worth watching.

  1. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby is a Netflix original adaptation of the popular manga Devilman. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, the anime features a new world that is under attack. A race of demons is killing everyone and trying to take everything from humans. Two best friends Akira and Ryo plan to end this problem and Ryo asks Akira to unite himself with demons.

Akira turns himself into Devilman by uniting with demons and becomes a weapon against demons. Despite being a devilman, Akira still has the same emotional side remaining in his soul and his personality remains the same. Apart from the demonic powers, he achieves greater inner and outer strength but his pure heart and kindness keep his actions balanced.

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is among the best anime of 2018. It preserves the old style of art many people are familiar with. Now when the anime world is full of erotic scenes, Clear Card maintains its unique style by not letting profanity slip into the art.

You may find it bit strange that the producers didn’t care about showing much about the series’ history, but you won’t find any difficulty in understanding the plot even if you are watching it for the first time. The story is pretty straightforward and this 22-episode series has an interesting ending as well.

  1. Overlord II

The Overlord series was created by Kugane Maruyama in light novel form and later it was transformed into manga and the anime series. The first Overlord anime series, with its 13 episodes, was aired in 2015. In early 2018, the second season was premiered and later in July, the series got its third season. The opening theme song for the third season is VORACITY by Myth & Roid. The ending theme song is OxT’s Silent Solitude. Studio Madhouse’s attempt at designing the overall anime looks enticing to watch.

  1. School Babysitters

Ryuchi Kashima and his brother Kotaro lost their parents in an accident and have no one to stay with. The chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy takes them in and recruits Ryuichi as the Academy’s babysitter. Ryuchi now struggles to manage his life as a student because he now has to take care of children, his own little brother, and all the responsibilities he has as the new member of the Babysitting Club. School Babysitters anime series is a combination of an adorable and interesting storyline with some big life lessons.

  1. A Place Further Than the Universe

The anime series and its unique premise have already attracted widespread attention. First the premiere and then the episodes of the last season went above and beyond to make A Place Further Than the Universe one of the best anime of 2018. Though it is a work of fiction, through its articulation of human traits and emotions, this anime series can communicate with everyone who can relate at least some parts of their life to these characters.

  1. Laid-Back Camp

The anime adaptation of the original manga series by Afro came in January 2018 and its 12 episodes were aired till March. It is one of the best female anime of 2018 and it’s all about camping and outdoor adventures. If you’re tired of watching emotional family drama, this anime series can help you enjoy a different experience. The Soundtrack is pleasant to listen to and when it comes to travel and adventure, this is the best anime we have seen in 2018 so far.

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