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Smite: My Welcome Back to Gaming.

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( Atari, Nintendo, Super NES, Saga…I loved them. Super Mario Bros and Mortal Kombat were some of my favorite games growing up. However, I admit as I got older and life began to happen I drifted away from gaming consoles. It seemed like there was a subtle push to grow up, move around and try new things. There was a stigma that gaming was a waste of time. Furthermore, gaming hasn’t always been the best space for women for many reasons.

The change came when I met my, now, husband and he was gaming frequently on his Xbox 360. Through him I was introduced to Soul Calibur IV, and he and I bonded over that game. I felt the desire to game coming back, but I continued working and fighting my internal thoughts about gaming and where I would make time to do so.

The change happened when I purchased the Xbox1 for my husband as a Christmas gift. I would sit and watch him play various games for hours, and it was rather relaxing. Eventually he asked me if I was ready to play. I wanted to, but I admit I was a bit intimidated by something as simple as trying to navigate the controller. It was hilarious to me that I caught so much hell trying to get my characters to look and move simultaneously. Trust me I see to be rather special in this area.

It left me wanting to game, but not seeing a game interesting enough to have the patience to work past my controller issues. He was told about that awesome free game he should try called Smite. He played while I was out of town, and when I got home he was excited to introduce me to the game. He knows I love history and mythology…and a good fighting game to relieve stress. When I saw Smite I was in love! The graphics and set up was awesome. I loved reading the lore on the different Gods, and I was eager to try playing.

I applaud the fact that Smite is very user friendly. A new player could go through the tutorials and practice modes until they feel comfortable to play verses other players. I used that tutorial space to help deal with my controller issues. My husband helped me work through the tutorials until I felt comfortable, and I had some very encouraging friends.

Smite became my true welcome back to gaming. I decided with this game that I would embrace my love for gaming opening…even if some people view it as a waste of time. Smite has been a great stress reliever and it led me to play both games. It looks like we will be purchasing a new Xbox1, and this one will be for me. Or course my favorite fighting game will still be Smite. I recommend Smite to any gamer that plays regularly, and anyone trying to get back to a love for gaming.

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