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Top 5 Of The Worst Fathers In Anime History.

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( In my 18 years of watching anime, I have seen some amazing fathers like Isshin Kurosaki and I have seen some fathers that were downright horrible to their children like Ruyken Ishida.

Here now are top 5 of the worst fathers in anime history.

1. Goku – In all my 18 years of watching Goku since my teenage days, I have seen him do absolutely nothing for his family, but make kids and then go off and train like that’s all that matters to him. He’s a notorious deadbeat father who’s never truly cared for his two sons, specifically Gohan because he put his son Gohan through so much psychological and physical abuse as evidenced from the Saiyan Saga when he was nearly killed by Nappa and later Vegeta, and then on Namek, nearly killed by Recoome and later Frieza, and the worst example of this was The Cell Games where Cell just psychologically abused and tortured Gohan so bad that he went Super Saiyan 2 and then eventually defeating Cell. It’s often said that Piccolo is Gohan’s “father” because of his father Goku being a deadbeat.

2. Endeavor – Out of all the heroes in My Hero Academia, Endeavor is my least favorite because he’s not only abrasive and arrogant, but he’s also a horrible father who not only psychologically and physically abused his wife so that he can get her ice quirk, but also towards his kids especially his son Shoto Todoroki who personally despises his father for all the psychological and physical abuse that he and his siblings suffered at their father’s hands. Although Endeavor has a reputation as now being the #1 hero because the previous #1 hero in All Might settled an old score against the previous #1 villain in All-For-One while losing his powers in the process, but what Endeavor doesn’t have however is a great reputation for being a father to his kids.

3. Gendo Ikari – I remember watching Neon Genesis Evangelion back in the day and remember seeing Gendo being so cold and distant towards his son Shinji to the point of psychologically abusing him until Shinji had the courage to turn on his father. When Shinji was a baby, Gendo abandoned him and became very uninterested because of his manipulative and philandering behavior as evidenced when he cheats on his wife with Naoko Akagi and then Ritsuko Akagi. Gendo sees any and everyone like Rei as nothing more but pawns to be used for his own personal goals.

4. Ryuken Ishida – I remember watching the early parts of the Bleach anime and just seeing how Ryuken Ishida’s so cold and hostile towards his son who’s the last Quincy. Uryu wanted to continue the Quincy legacy, but his father on the other hand did not because in his eyes, “Being a Quincy isn’t worth continuing to be”. When Isshin Kurosaki tells him later on that his son Uryu escaped, Ryuken coldly replies by saying, “whether or not Uryu allows his powers to live or die is completely up to him and that it’s his choice to either live or die”. Isshin later said something that I agree with him on and it’s that Ryuken is a very horrible father.

5. Rasa – Back during the peak of the war between the leaf and sand villages in Naruto, it was revealed in the anime that Rasa tried the seal the legendary beast Shukaku into his youngest son Gaara. Then bad things started to happen to him emotionally and personally as his wife died during birth and then when his son Gaara couldn’t control the beast within him, he betrays his own son by ordering his assassination which ultimately fails.

The Conclusion – There are also real life fathers out there who are just as emotionally and physically abusive like Endeavor and those who are notorious deadbeats like Goku.

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  1. J.T. Anime says:

    I have always been fascinated with “Rasa”. There is a darkside, and I do wish they would allow that part to play out.

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