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The 4 Kinds of Isekai Manga That I’ve Noticed.

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( Isekai manga and manhwa can be a blend of rules to reincarnation but there are three major types. Let’s get into them and let us know which ones you prefer the most!

Total Fish Out of Water

This approach takes a character who has died and drops them into a new world with nothing to assist them and without reason. Well, there’s always a reason for doing so but the character is new and insignificant in this new world, so they’re not privy to it.

Another thing you might notice is that whatever greater power throws the character into this new world will do so and not give them any kind of blessing. That character is just thrown there and they’re there for who knows what. They just have to survive in this dangerous world of monsters, magic and sometimes martial arts.

That doesn’t mean that the main character can’t pick up on magic and martial arts or kill monsters but they’ve got to get that power from the ground up. Honestly, I feel like this one is becoming rare in isekai as the other ones are becoming more prominent in the genre.

 Isekai Manga

Isekai Blessing I: Special Power

One approach that has become commonplace is the isekai blessing. Among blessings, the special power has foothold. The magic power usually manifests as either a direct blessing from a greater power or as some sort of mystery or inheritance that the main character gains. If it’s a mystery—usually a long forgotten treasure that bestows constantly growing power—it usually become a part of the character’s soul.

This thing is too good for the spatial bag, folks.

I like this approach to isekai because while it is a cheat, the build around the cheat becoming more powerful is often interesting. There’s always some sort of rule or conditions that need to be met before the special power grows or the mystery unlocks latent powers once the character achieves some level of enlightenment.

Blessing I is also more rooted in spiritual concepts and manga mainstays such as chi or ki manipulation. The character achieves enlightenment on something, their mystery unlocks more power or a skill lost to the world all by providing a power boost. That means the main character can slash harder and fire more blasts. Awesome!

Isekai Blessing II: Cheat System

The isekai cheat system is my favorite. I’m a gamer at heart and the cheat system is one that is tied to the main character being familiar with gaming. It makes for an easy transition to using new powers or navigating a mystical world when everything can have their power and ability exposed.

Better yet is that the main character has an idea of how powerful they are as well. All of this tends to be shown via the status window which is something I just love. As I’ve said before: gamers like progress. We love stats and knowing that we’re improving or that we’re skilled. Even better is having money and all of the powerful gear and skills.

The cheat system approach has all of this as well as currency linked to it and a store where the main character can boost their attributes or buy skills and weapons. It’s fabulous, it’s like having persistent plot armor for the character because main characters in manhua and manhwa tend to be pretty damn shrewd about money.

You can say that the cheat system is basically a very specific version of the special powers but not many special powers have multiple series based around them.

Isekai Blessing III: Memory of the Past

Now that I’m looking at the list, this could’ve easily been ‘Isekai Blessing I’ as it’s the most basic kind of blessing. When the character is reincarnated, they’re often returned year earlier into their life either at young childhood or shortly before their death. Technically. If they don’t change anything, they could easily power up and live life up until the time of their original death.

At that point, they’re able to avoid their fate. Of course, the main character always manipulates events to their advantage and end up powering up rapidly. They find certain mysteries and make new allies with characters in their youth.

That’s expected in the third isekai blessing since storylines are tied to having a second chance and making the most out of the opportunity. I’d say that this can be pretty fun but it really depend on how stories unfold.


There’s the hybrid which mixes two or three of these approaches. The result can vary such as having a cheat system and memories of the past is too much. However, having those memories and having a mystery or inheritance works fine.

What’s your favorite isekai approach? Let us know and as always share your recommendations!

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