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The Great Mobile Game Hunt: Call of Duty Mobile.

( Currently, I’m on a mobile shooter kick. I’ve been revisiting and discovering games with modes I like and gameplay I can grasp. Oftentimes, the gameplay can include features that really sell me on playing. You know, the kind of features that stick with you and you’d love to see in other games.

One game I revisited is a heavy-hitter among mobile shooters: Call of Duty: Mobile.

Giving Call of Duty: Mobile a Second Look

The first time I played Call of Duty: Mobile was on an LG G3—an older model Android phone. I had to run it on the lowest graphical settings and the phone would overheat regardless. Despite that, what I played of it with my brother and nephew, I really enjoyed.

However, I’m mostly a survival and RPG player and CoD: Mobile just wasn’t going to stay on my phone long. I only had so much space, after all and there are so many mobile RPGs.

What got me back into CoD: Mobile was two things. First, a new smartphone that could the game in high or ultra-high settings with little overheating. That’s always a big plus with any electronical device, right?

The other thing is watching Twitch streams where some of my favorites played Call of Duty: Warzone. That led me to enjoying Rust and Escape from Tarkov gameplay. Mind you, I’m not the biggest FPS fan nor am I particularly good at them on PC or console. However, I was interested now.

News of there being a Call of Duty: Warzone for mobile really piqued my interest. I became curious about what was new in the mobile game and wanted to see if I could get back into it starting from scratch.

Call of Duty - Mobile

Features Are Everything!

So, Warzone got me into looking at CoD: Mobile again. Why am I still playing? For one thing, it features a battle royale mode. It’s a simple version of Warzone, EFT, and Darker and Darker. If anything, it’s more like PUBG.

I dig PUBG and just installed New State over the Christmas 2022 weekend. It’s still very much the same from when I first played it but since I’m having a smoother experience in the overall game, I’m able to advance and actually unlock new skills. As a result, I’ve been having some strong solo runs.

That’s another thing: I’m having a blast in solo battle royales. I mainly started playing them to just knock the rust off and not be a total target in duos or teams but this version is just so much fun.

Team deathmatch is kind of the core of Mobile and the game is flawless at this and spinoff modes like Frontline. Deathmatches are showdowns between two teams with a race to the most kills. With mics on, it can feature a strategic element. Just know that everyone doesn’t have quality microphones and sometimes you can just hear whatever is going in the background.

Personally, I rarely use the microphone for that reason. Plus, some players just say what-the-f**k-ever, folks. That’s a random risk with any online game with a PvP or co-op PvE.

As for my favorite multiplayer mode: Domination is a blast. With more players, it would really have a big battlefield experience as you fight to hold multiple points on the map.

The other features in Call of Duty: Mobile are pretty much what you’d expect from any other mobile game. You’ve got two kinds of stores—one for in-game currency and the other for real currency—as well as…two kinds of currency. It’s not a mobile game without regular ass currency and the premium currency that the developer wants you to buy.

On that note, there are also the pop-up advertisement when you sign in and just throwing skins at you. I won’t lie: some of the skins are pretty dope. I’m a fan of the Dragon skins to put on weapons but still, it’s a lot of stuff I could care less about.

The account and recordkeeping features are two that come with any game that connects to the internet and has seasons.

Going back to the gameplay, the controls are…you do what you can with the space available on mobile platforms. On a smartphone, there’s less space to work with as far as virtual controls goes. Sure enough, things can be a bit bunched up if you have big fingers and you will fat-finger and fire prematurely.

CoD: Mobile does have some accessibility features where you can resize and move the controls around on the screen via the settings, so that can deal with some problems on that front. That aside, the touch controls are very responsive and the sensitivity can be adjusted as needed.

Thumbs up on most fronts. I can’t really give them a thumbs down on the store and advertising front since that just comes with mobile and now it comes with PC and console.

Should You Give It a Try?

Well, it’s free-to-play and I wouldn’t say it’s pay-to-win. It’s more like pay-to-drip. Weapons can pop up in crates and special events where buying the premium currency might be the wiser choice but I’m thinking most of—if not all—gear and stuff can be grinded or will come your way if you stick around.

No, that’s not reassuring at all. The gameplay and modes are the selling points here. If you’re more into old school FPS like myself, there are modes for that. Do you also enjoy some battle royale action? There’s a mode for that. Clans, social, seasons, advancement—CoD: Mobile hits it out of the park on all of those.

I find Call of Duty: Mobile to be strong pick and it could very well find a permanent spot on your mobile device.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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