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5 Questions for the Pokemon Franchise.

( Like any other Nintendo franchise, Pokemon is a game of mysteries that have never been answered and will likely never be answered. It’s just the way that the Pokemon games and anime goes where some mysteries about the Pokeworld just won’t be addressed. Let’s look at five lingering questions that have spawned fan speculation, rumors, and easter egg hunts since this series dropped in February 1996.

Who Is Satoshi/Ash Ketchum’s Father?

This is one of those mysteries that will probably never get an answer. It would be easy to just point to a gym trainer or side character that Ash has run into and say “Oh, that’s his father.” I mean at this point; Ash’s father must be some god tier trainer who has battled in time and space—and won two-out-of-three straight each time.

Time moves differently in the series but the franchise has been going on for close to 30 years now, folks. In our time, Ash is closing in on 40, who is this kid’s father? Sure, Ash probably knows but we don’t!

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What Happened to Otoshi from Season 1?

The Pokeworld is massive and Ash and Pikachu have run into many trainers while with their constantly changing traveling party. One trainer I’ve always wanted to see return is Otoshi the samurai from season one. Otoshi was a trainer who used a Marowak as one of two battling Pokemon.

This trainer Marowak was beastly and they had a short episode before fading off into…whatever. Seriously, this trainer had all the badges needed for the Indigo League. He was battle-tested and had experience to burn. I mean, just the boldness of walking Indigo Plateau with just two pokemon.

So, what happened to this guy? Does he become a gym leader elsewhere? Did he ever win a League tournament? What became of Otoshi?

What’s Up with the Sliding Power Scale in Pokemon?

This is mainly across anime and the game but it ties into the above thought. It’s one thing for characters in the anime to have monsters that were trained to the extreme. I mean, it’s their best friend on the road and they would get more field time since they have to protect each other.

However, this is totally unacceptable for the video games. Just the audacity of someone to scale the Champion’s Road to battle the Elite Four with just two baseline strength monsters. How did this trainer even get this far? Better yet: how did they clear eight gyms with two pokemon? There’s no “determination” stat that makes the impossible happen.

Either your pokemon is way past leveled to clap a gym leader to sleep or you’re hitting a lot of road blocks eventually. I’m sure they unbench monsters from Bill’s PC but to travel the Champion’s Road as if they’re leveled to 100 and have maxed special defense. I usually take the Elite Four with at least four pokemon.

These trainers are wild.

Did That Magikarp Scam Artist Ever Get HIs Comeuppance?

This is a scam artist from Pokemon Red/Blue where someone would stop you at a Pokemon Center to sell you a Magikarp for 500P. This is an outrageous price since Magikarp is mostly useless and only had Splash…which did nothing. It does eventually evolve into the powerful Gyrados but for the most part, it’s a useless pokemon.

Plus, you can get Magikarp for cheap with an Old Rod. It’s the only thing you could catch with that rod, folks. That salesman made a killing off selling these weak fish. So, was he ever captured? Did he make off like a bandit and start his own business somewhere?

In the anime, he always managed to scam Team Rocket into getting some dysfunctional monster. How does his story end up? He just seems like he would be a larger side character in later games but everyone besides the professors gets forgotten about.

When Are We Getting Tournaments in Pokemon Games?

I always felt that the Elite Four battle was pointless in the Pokemon games. They’re always challenging but it’s not how I picture your final battles. I picture them more like the anime where a good performance in the tournament results in an invite to fight the Elite Four.

This also goes into making players’ Pokemon adventures longer than in real life time. It could be done easily by having an in-world clock speed so that time goes on even if the game is off or closed. However, use real life time or the Switch’s clock time for promotions and events.

That way, Nintendo and Game Freak could have it where certain members of the Elite Four can be faced on certain in-world days. Gyms could be open for gym challenges, open challenges, training, and regional tournaments—all on an in-world clock.

This would make the game busy even after you’ve finished the game. Have where gym leaders and trainers can challenge you and they actually power up their monsters or have some new hitters in the mix.

Just spice up Pokemon a little more. I believe a breathing world with its own schedules could work. Hell, it could even take structuring from the Pokémon Colosseum games. However, back to my original question…when is the Pokémon franchise getting tournaments? Monster Rancher and Dragon Quest Monsters has them—why not the father of the genre?

What are some canon and franchise questions you have about the Pokemon franchise? Let us know down below!

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