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Sonic 2 – Throwback Video Games w/ Non-Spoiler Sonic 2 Movie Review.

( As a kid growing up during the 1990s, I remember the times where many other urban kids like me that grew up during that time either had an NES or Sega Genesis, but I was one of a handful of urban kids that got the experience of playing video games on both of the main home based video game consoles at the time in the mid-to-late 1990s period will always be one of my favorite period ever as a gamer.

One of my favorite video games during the 1990s was Sonic 2, a classic video game that’s still revered by many older gamers like myself to this very day because in 1991 when the first Sonic game came out, it was a very groundbreaking and different video game with different abilities and different levels than those seen in The Original Super Mario Bros. NES trilogy including the critically acclaimed Super Mario World for Super Nintendo.

But however 30 years ago, Sonic 2 was released for the Sega Genesis and this game absolutely blew the roof of the entire Sonic video game series as we saw the debut of Tails as well as a 2 player co-op & versus mode where you can battle it out with friends and family to see who will reach the finish line aka clearing the level first.


One of my personal favorite memories of playing Sonic 2 came when I was playing in one of the stages of my favorite zone in the entire game in The Casino Night Zone when I used to love to do the virtual slot machines so much that I would rack up at least several Royal Flushes which was absolutely crazy for me as an urban kid to see at that time. I remember having the record in my family at the time for the most rings ever collected in any Sonic stage where I collected between 300 to 400 rings while playing the virtual slot machines in The Casino Night Zone.

My most hated level of any of The Original Sonic Trilogy games that I have ever played was The Labrinyth Zone Act 3 from the first Sonic game where I had so much trouble & so many headaches trying to get to the zone’s new Dr. Robotnik boss and that game revealed that Sonic’s greatest weakness is that he can’t remain in the water for too long or he will drown to death if the countdown from 10 runs out or you’re unable to get any sort of oxygen to survive underwater.

But with Sonic 2, I was able to pass the toughest level of that entire game in The Death Egg Zone where you have to take down the heelish Dr. Robotnik down one last time to prevent him from conquering the world. The ending of Sonic 2 is one of my favorite all-time video game endings where I saw the different zones and heard a different mix of tracks from the game which was very dope to me at the time.

Note: Sonic 2 is the second best selling all-time Sega Genesis game with 7.55 million copies sold while the first Sonic game is the best selling Sega Genesis game ever with 15 million copies sold.

Note #2: I got to see the live action Sonic The Hedgehog 2 film recently and I have to say it was an amazingly great film. The film took what the first Sonic film did in terms of establishing The Sonic Lore and further expanded upon it in this film. The CGI, Special Effects, Voiceovers, and action scenes in this film was absolutely great. This film definitely had more heart, courage, passion, & authenticity than the first Sonic film. I really loved the pacing of this film because I thought it was a very well paced movie. This film is not only better than the first Sonic film, but also a love letter to longtime fans of The Sonic The Hedgehog 2 video game that came out for The Sega Genesis 30 years ago. This is now my new favorite Sonic movie ever because of how much I absolutely loved this film.

The Conclusion – Sonic 2 is so universally beloved by older gamers and longtime fans of the Sonic video game series that the live action Sonic 2 movie sequel which will is out in theaters right now to perfectly commemorate the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest video games to have ever been created.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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