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5 Things I Noticed About Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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( So, Netflix has all of the Power Rangers seasons. Or rather, it has most of them. I’ve been going through the first season—yes, OG Power Rangers—and I had some observations about…everything. Here are just five of them.

Billy and Kimberly Are The Power Rangers With the Most Range

There were two episodes in that first season where the blue ranger and pink ranger—Billy and Kimberly—had their personalities altered. In the first, one of Rita Repulsa’s henchmen made them drink a potion that turned them into nasty, rude punks.

Our other episode saw Billy and Kim try out Billy’s new device. Remember, he’s supposed to be the nerd of the team. This device allows two people to swap minds. Of course, it broke down and both of them were stuck in each other’s bodies.

Now, in both episodes these two showed they could play exaggerated versions of each other’s characters and of just a nasty kids’ show bully. I noticed we didn’t get that out of the other original five.

Hell, at least Tommy came in as a face turned heel turned face again.

Having All Of Them Respond to One Threat? Poor Management

Zordon will summon the Power Rangers, tell them that the Putty Patrol is terrorizing Angel Grove and just allow all of them to respond to it. These are Power Rangers, chief. They control the Megazords. All them don’t need to teleport to a park to beat villains that “POOF!” in one critical hit.

If they’re all in one spot then that makes it easier for all of them to get captured or defeated. Of course, there are a couple of episodes where Zordon will end up with a spare Ranger. Usually in that same episode, he has the secret to beating that week’s monster.

Then again, he did send off a number of them to fight the monster without the secret.

Zordon’s Judgment Is Sound

Yeah, I judged him over the last entry but that said—he had an eye for talent. He picked the right teenagers to be the Rangers. Could you imagine if he just dropped the ball on two of the original three and they allowed Angel Grove to be destroyed most episodes?

To a degree, it was pretty much that easy. All he had to do was not be too certain on his team, not trust his non-existent gut, and run these Power Rangers anyway. It would’ve made for a very different TV show.

Rita Repulsa’s Crew Is Super Incompetent

I think this is no clue but Rita Repulsa’s plans were all hindered by incompetent henchmen and monster who just couldn’t get the job done. She had some near victories but her monster maker Finster always made these monsters with some weak spot.

Why would you hire someone who constantly makes things with such a design flaw? It’s like the architect of the Death Star who included this small space no one should be able to shoot into. Along comes “Dead Eye” Luke Skywalker drawing down on them in a X-wing blowing up their spot.

That’s how a Rita got so many L’s. She surrounds herself with D-tier intergalactic henchmen. The other thing is that, she had to be a real badass if she was sealed up for all those years and left on a barren planet. Actually, all of her henchmen had to be hard to deal with at one time.

Time in that containment unit really did a number on them!

This Show Would’ve Made For A Good CW Reboot

Really, Power Rangers could’ve been a CW show easily. I dug the film reboot but I can see it being spun into one of those superhero teen dramas. After all, there was a period when they were the most popular superheroes in the U.S. Mind you, this was during a time when superhero movies and comics weren’t doing as hot.

There’s very little stopping it from becoming a hit besides bitter old school fans who liked the hokiness of the original and CW running it on the wrong day. There is a such thing as a CW flop (read: The Messengers).

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