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My Thoughts On The Live Action Sonic Movie & My History With Sonic.

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( I want to let the readers know that I have a very long 25 year personal history and equity with the iconic legendary character known as Sonic The Hedgehog dating back to 1995 when I was a little boy growing up on Jackson Street at the time. I remember telling my grandma whom I called “mama” at the time because she was like a huge motherly figure in my life despite some major flaws that she had back then.

Of all the birthdays that I’ve had, most were either typical run-of-the-mill uneventful, but my favorite birthday out of them all is actually my 10th birthday because this one was so special that I’ll never forget because it was the day that I got my biggest birthday present that I actually wanted which was a brand new Sega Genesis and it also came with 2 joysticks, power cord, and a rare 6-Pak compilation cartridge which included 2 of my favorite Sega Genesis games: one being Streets Of Rage & the other being Sonic The Hedgehog.

The very first time that I played Sonic on The Sega Genesis, I immediately fell in love with the character because I was such a heavy Mario player playing Super Mario Bros 1, 2, & 3 (my personal favorite Mario game) because Sonic was very different than Mario because while Mario has better power & strength than Sonic, Sonic has better agility & speed than Mario. I was also a bit of a young gaming prodigy at the time especially how I outplayed my other brothers and sister in Sonic so much that I once had the family record for the most rings in a Sonic game with over 400, but my youngest brother told me last year that he broke that record while playing Sonic Advance for Game Boy Advance by having over 500 rings in a stage. Sonic The Hedgehog & The Sonic series as a whole has brought me so many memories that they were so fun to talk about.

When I first found out a while back that they were doing a live action Sonic film, I initially wasn’t too optimistic about it because for over 25 years since that atrocious 1993 live action Super Mario Bros movie, there’s been this massive stigma that “movies based on video games suck” & as hard as the live action Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Prince Of Persia films tried to break that stigma, but couldn’t quite do it.

When I saw the very first trailer for the live action Sonic film, I thought the initial design for Sonic looked absolutely atrocious, so the people that worked on the film went back and decided to listen to the fans and gave us a much better redesigned version of Sonic in the 2nd trailer which clearly sold me on this movie.

My Thoughts On The Live Action Sonic Movie: “I just finished watching this movie and as a fan of Sonic for 25 years, I can say that this was a very good movie. The acting was good. The CGI & Special Effects were also pretty good. The redesigned version of Sonic was absolutely phenomenal in this movie. Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik was absolutely phenomenal. Sonic’s interactions with automobiles, animals, and people like Tom actually worked so well. My favorite scene from the film was The Bar scene (non-spoiler). This film made me happy and proud to be a Sonic fan because the people that worked on this film not only listened to the fans, but they also honored and respected the iconic legendary video game character known as Sonic The Hedgehog. This film is a definite must see!!!…#sonicmovie” 

The Conclusion – Sonic The Movie is a very good film that longtime Sonic fans like myself and even families with kids will enjoy. 

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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