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My 5 Favorite Fighting Game Characters.

( I love old school fighting games. During the times when there was still an MA-13 rating for games, I opened Street Fighter II Turbo for Genesis and looked at the manual. Every character you could select had a short bio and then you had the combinations to their moves. For years afterward, I would draw my own characters and do the video game manual-sized booklet for them when I did my comics for classmates.

I always remembered my favorite fighters from different games. Here are the top five!

  1. Deathscythe (Gundam Wing: Endless Duel – SNES)

The Deathscythe was my favorite Gundam in the anime even though none of the characters were interesting to me. Well, Zechs Merquise was my favorite character. Gundam Wing was pretty dry at times so not having favorite character but loving the Gundam seems right. I’m more of a Robotech fan anyway.

Back to the Deathscythe, in Endless Duel he played like every other Gundam except for the Shenlong. That one had reach and was like Dhalism in mech form. The reason I liked using Deathscythe is because you could really chop away at an opponent’s life bar once you had them in corner of the screen—easily.

  1. King (Tekken)

There is one reason I love King: I’m a huge wrestling fan and King was the first Tekken fighter to capture my attention. Surprisingly, he isn’t my favorite Tekken character. When I first played with him and my favorite, I found his frustrating because I hadn’t gleaned what kind of fighting game Tekken was. I was familiar with 2D side scrolling fighters with no sidestepping and no ridiculous juggling combos.

Tekken showed up on the scene like “This is what we do.” When I finally figured it out, I could use King and my favorite much better.

  1. Paul Phoenix (Tekken)

This guy is my favorite Tekken fighter. I learn to play the game with King but I got very good at using Paul Phoenix. I have to admit that I hate how he is something of a comedy character now but I’m not too surprised. He reminds me of older pro wrestlers in Japan. In their earlier career around 25-30 years ago, they were to be feared in the ring and could go at 100. Now in the 50s and 60s, they tend to be in light-hearted comedy tag team matches.

That’s Paul Phoenix at this stage storyline-wise. It’s a shame because Paul was the man.

  1. Super Mario (Super Smash Bros.)

The thing about Super Mario is most versions of Smash is that he a super balanced fighter. He’s perfect for learning how to play the game and how to move about stages. Mario has always moved around extremely well in this franchise and it’s kind of like cheating to use him depending on who you play or who makes the rules.

  1. Vega (Street Fighter)

Vega is my all-time favorite fighting game character. He oozes arrogance in his fighting style, stage design, and even the stage music for him. Also, he has that kick jump he can do off the edge of the stage. If you’re fighting Vega, you have to be careful since no one else in the original street fighter moved like him. In Street Fighter titles made recently, I’d say players are much more alert of his tricks.

Another reason I love Vega is for his fight against Chun Li in the anime. That really added to his character and you knew that he was just as sick as you thought he was. I mean, he’s really the only guy who showed up a street fight with a claw. Everyone else is all fists, feet, knees, and diving headbutts—if you’re T. Hawk.

You’d think “Hey, you can’t fight with a bladed weapon like that!” is part of the rules then again there’s a big green and orange beast man shocking people and a guy stretching his arms and leg while setting people on fire.

Let my boy Vega be great.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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