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Top 5 Things/People That Vegeta Hates.

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( I’ve written several articles explaining my love for Vegeta as a character and why he’s basically my favorite all-time Dragon Ball character. Even though he does have his flaws as a character such as being cocky and rushing into situations without thinking straight, but he has received the most character development of anyone in Dragon Ball history even more than the typical stale and boring Kakarot.

Here are top 5 things/people that Vegeta hates. 

Frieza – It’s no secret that Vegeta harbors a severe disdain for Frieza because Frieza feared The Legend of The Super Saiyan in DBZ, but it was retconned to The Legend Of Super Saiyan God in the short Dragon Ball Minus manga. Frieza is one of the most notorious villians in anime history because of his notoriously condescending attitude towards the Saiyans referring to them as “monkeys” because Saiyans have the ability to turn into Great Apes when exposed to the fake moon. The reason why Vegeta hates Frieza so much is because he not only murdered his father King Vegeta, but he destroyed Planet Vegeta to prevent “The Legend Of The Super Saiyan” from coming to life. And in the opening scene of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film, Vegeta blasts Kakarot for even bringing back Frieza knowing that Frieza will return and try to destroy them. Vegeta knows Frieza way better than Kakarot knows him when Kakarot said that Frieza “did help Universe 7 not get erased”, but Vegeta said that Frieza only did that because he was looking out for himself which was exactly true of Frieza’s character in The Tournament Of Power Arc from The Dragon Ball Super anime.

Kakarot – Even though Vegeta greatly respects him, but he definitely holds a huge disdain for his biggest rival in Kakarot because of how Kakarot always manages to get one step ahead of him in terms of power whether it be temporarily surpassing him with the Kaioken x4 in The Saiyan Saga to him tapping into Ultra Instinct (Omen) in the manga. Just because Kakarot is one step ahead of him in certain areas of fighting doesn’t mean that Vegeta will stop training because when he trains, he clearly trains more harder than Kakarot as shown in my favorite Dragon Ball Z episode called “Upgrade To Super Saiyan” where Vegeta explained his extreme inability to tap into the legendary transformation known as Super Saiyan while training under 400x normal gravity and then in a dark planet while trying to fight off the mother meteor, he then transformed into the legendary form of The Super Saiyan which is my personal favorite transformation of any Dragon Ball character that I’ve seen. 

Note: The one thing that Kakarot fans fail to acknowledge is that Kakarot has never actually defeated Vegeta in a full one-on-one fight because Vegeta beat him using The Great Ape transformation during their first battle and knocked him out from Super Saiyan 2 back to base form during their second battle. 

Fusion – If there’s one thing that Vegeta often hates doing so much, it’s called Fusion because to him “real warriors don’t strike silly poses like that.” The reason why Vegeta hates fusion so much because he greatly prefers to use his own strength and power to try to take down opponents by himself rather than fusing with Kakarot to try to take down the opponent. The only time he even agrees to a fusion is when a certain enemy like Majin Buu, Super Janemba, Merged Zamasu, or Broly (Dragon Ball Super) proves to be too much for him to defeat by himself. 

Ultra Instinct – Ever since Vegeta saw Kakarot tap into Ultra Instinct in the anime and manga version of The Tournament Of Power Arc, Vegeta gradually came to dislike Ultra Instinct because of the fact that it’s not only mostly a defensive technique and not so much of an offensive technique, but like he told Universe 11’s Jiren in The Tournament Of Power Arc in the anime and manga, “I will surpass you in my own way Jiren” and that “Kakarot can have Ultra Instinct” Vegeta also dislikes Ultra Instinct because by his own admission, his aggressive offensive fighting style isn’t suited for Ultra Instinct. 

Super Saiyan 3 – It’s definitely no secret that the reason why Vegeta never went Super Saiyan 3 in The Dragon Ball Z/Super anime and manga is due to the fact that he clearly dislikes the Super Saiyan 3 transformation because he saw Kakarot use it against Kid Buu and noticed the severe weakness of the form such as not being able to last long in the form, greatly drains stamina, and the extremely long hair and eyebrow-less face were clearly annoying. During The Battle Of Gods Arc in Dragon Ball Super, he clearly showed viewers that he doesn’t even need Super Saiyan 3 by actually surpassing it by transforming to a powered up Super Saiyan 2 against Beerus which actually forced Beerus by his own admission to use a small portion of his power to defeat Vegeta and the fight with Vegeta was more enjoyable and entertaining than his squash win over Super Saiyan 3 Kakarot. 

The Conclusion – Even though Vegeta does have his weaknesses as a character, but one has to appreciate the moments that he has made us as longtime Dragon Ball fans remember via “That’s My Bulma!!!!”

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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