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My Thoughts About Evertale.

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( Recently, a new mobile RPG game came out for The Apple App Store and Google Play Store called “Evertale” and it’s one of these Pokémon like games where you catch monsters and getting them stronger by leveling them up and learning new techniques as they progress in the game.

Evertale is not only a mixture of Pokémon in the sense of catching and training monsters, but also has Final Fantasy like elements such as being able to recruit newer characters to join your team and you can also use the gasha banners in the game to get more powerful characters.

Here are several things I like about Evertale;

1. Gameplay – The main gameplay of the game is a hybrid mixture of Pokémon and Final Fantasy into one video game. Like I stated earlier in the article you can not only catch and train monsters to get stronger in Evertale, but the battle mechanics in this game remind me of the old turn-based RPG games like Final Fantasy that I used to play many years ago. In Evertale, every character from monster to human starts off with a few skills to use such as the first monster I caught can not only poison enemies, but can also dish out extra damage while those same enemies are poisoned and I absolutely love dishing out extra damage to enemies that are either sleep or poisoned in RPG games. You definitely have to use these skills very carefully because each one takes a certain amount of time to perform. For example, if you choose “Attack All”, it will be about 250 seconds before your character can use another skill to perform.

2. The Art & Animation – The art and animation for Evertale is absolutely amazing because of how well designed and drawn they are. Hell, even some of the best looking human, monster, and weapon designs look absolutely amazing. In Evertale, you get to explore a vastly large world with endless possibilities as well as many characters and monsters that you can go and catch so that you can level them up and make them stronger so that you can not only have a stronger main team, but it’s always an important thing to also have a very strong supporting cast to compliment them just in case they’re defeated in battle and especially a boss battle if you’re not careful.

3. It’s Very F2P Friendly – The one thing that I already knew about the game prior to it’s official release is that it’s another gasha game in which you can do a micro transaction to purchase in game currency to summon on banners to acquire more powerful characters, monsters, and weapons. But you also have the choice of not doing that because while you progress through the game, you get to recruit many characters and monsters along the way so that you can prepare for the tougher challenges that lie ahead in the story because it’s always important in RPG games to level up your character some before you go into a new area and a new town.

Note: I’m mostly a F2P aka Free-To-Play type of guy who does long and hard grinds to get in-game currently through missions rather than wasting a lot of money to buy them.

The Conclusion – Overall, Evertale is actually a very good Pokémon like game to enjoy especially if you feel bored and don’t have anything else to do.

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