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We Can’t Run from Microtransaction and 5 Other Lessons from Modern Games.

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(AfroGamers.com) Modern gaming is giving us so much. We have got graphically rich games with platforms like augmented reality and virtual reality playing a major role in the growth of the video game industry. There are some pain points people discuss a lot on Reddit and many video game forums, but something is still missing.

Game development needs a lot of money, talent, and time so the idea of microtransactions is fair from a developer’s point of view. In the end, developing and publishing games is a business, so it’s needless to say that there need to be some ways to monetize a game. Just like microtransactions, there are 5 other things in modern gaming we can’t run away from.

There’s no connection at a personal level

In the old days, we didn’t have many options, but if you noticed, it was the time when every individual had their own taste of games. Retro games have a different feel from modern games. Today, people go for hype. If twenty people like a game, another two hundred will automatically become a fan without giving a single thought to what they are getting from it.

In a very few modern games, we see that there’s something called personal development. People download the games, they work like slaves because in-game missions have become a chore. Many modern-day games want us to spend time in meaningless interactions that don’t really make sense.

Trolling has become an everyday story

In the past, the title of “hardcore gamer” was earned, but today, it is used to feel superior. From a term of pride, it has become a term of arrogance and that’s the reason people no more respect it. They call it stupid and useless. Modern games, especially the ones that promote online play are full of trolls running around.

Most of the new players who join online multiplayer games learn nothing but more swear words. Their vocabulary increases and they start disrespecting gaming because that’s what they learn from those so-called enthusiasts. Old day gaming was not so spoiled. Having a community around you is nice, but trolling is not what communities are made for.

Games have become a tool to pass the time

There was a time when video games were pushing the art forward. Nowadays, we don’t see that happening, at least not in the mainstream games market. The video games we find today are almost the same and when we ask developers why they choose to go away from the roots, the only thing we hear is “we listen to what our fans want”. As a result, the end product turns out to be boring as you can’t stick to a game for a long time.

The pre-order trap

Pre-order a game so that you can get those extra collectibles or a “chance” to try the game in a closed beta session. Get some season pass in deluxe editions, so you can spend more money at one shot and hope for the best. These tactics aren’t new in gaming, but there was a time when a one-time payment was enough and developers didn’t dare to ask for more because it was a red flag. Now, these things have become normal in the modern games so anyone can shamelessly ask you to spend $2 for a weapon upgrade so you can just kill the opponents easily.

Over-powered machines for silly games

Not all the modern games are bad. If we were to create a list of best games, it will be huge. We have got great content in the last few years and we also get to see the powerful hardware. In fact, the consoles we have can do a lot more than just games, but it has a negative side.

There were fewer distractions which resulted in more immersion. Today, apart from playing games, you can do Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and what not from your console. Is the music app or that weather app really necessary when you want to spend a Saturday night playing your favorite game? PlayStation Now is nothing more than a nightmare for many people and Scarlett is on its way.

What can you do?

Make sure that your voice is heard and to do that, you have to speak up. Instead of whining that you don’t love modern games as much as you love the old games, do something that can make a difference. Discuss things in forums, talk to developers and support your demands with appropriate arguments.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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