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Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Impressions.

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( The Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay looks good and the recently teased costumes make this upcoming horror game more appealing. The original Resident Evil 2, which was released in 1998, was praised for its horror setting, audio, graphics, and the overall in-game atmosphere.

Even after 20 years, RE2 is still considered one of the best games ever released by Capcom, however, critics complained about the voice acting, controls, and puzzles. With the controversial inventory system, Capcom could not do well.

Fast forward 20 years and the franchise is in a better position. The Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay now looks more polished and complete. The most important fact is that the horror elements are still there and things have got even spookier this time. Of course, in these 20 years, so much has changed, and the gameplay of Resident Evil 2 remake reflects the improvements. Unlike the original game, the remake features over-the-shoulder playstyle with third-person shooting elements. The original game uses fixed camera angles and tank controls. The gameplay looks inspired by the Resident Evil 4 era.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting so much from this remake because I had a lot of hopes from the RE 6 but it failed terribly. From the last year’s Biohazard, things have started to change and Capcom proved that they are once again unbeatable in the horror video game genre. So what hasn’t changed for good is the horror atmosphere and the depth of the story. Puzzles are coming back along with multiple characters. Everyone who played the 1998’s Resident Evil 2 will feel home. Modern era graphics, improved sound, and voice acting are excellent.

Capcom is doing a great job by recreating the moments of anxiety and tension we are familiar with. The modern-day touch of technology makes it an excellent horror game for current generation gaming systems. You will notice that Capcom has gone more creative with the use of lighting in the game. You will hardly see anything beyond the circle of your flashlight which makes the tension more intense.

Sound effects are balanced in a wonderful way. As players slowly make their way through empty and crowded areas, the sudden change in sound and voices is spot on. If you want to see it in live action, watch the Claire Noir DLC Costume reveal video and you’ll realize how beautifully they have composed the sound works. Claire’s costume looks beautiful, but what caught our attention, even more, is the sound effect.

As you see the female character Claire Redfield walking on a wooden ramp, the sound of footsteps and the mysterious sound coming from far away make the whole atmosphere spooky. On top of that, the smart use of lighting makes the whole setting perfect. The choice of horror over action is clearly noticeable in other Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay videos.

The game requires players to keep visiting the areas. As long as you are unable to find clues or solve the puzzles you will have to keep looking for them. There are objects like keys which you will have to find. The AI is smart enough to trick you, and enemies can easily take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

In October, Capcom UK invited fans to watch the Claire Demo Stream. The gameplay session was pretty interesting. With that, we also got to see the massive amount of objects and weapons which we can use in the game. Some of them can be used directly against enemies, for example, melee, shotguns, and grenades, while other items require a strategy and can be used in certain situations.

While Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay perfectly recreates the original RE 2 game’s strengths, visuals make it feel fresh. Some players might say that the game feels like RE4 which is true, but the mechanics are tighter and more powerful in this upcoming game. The RE2 remake is in the development stage and it will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 25, 2019.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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