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Civilization VI on iOS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

(AfroGamers.com) If you were waiting for Civilization VI on iOS, the good thing is the game is now available for iPhones too. Earlier, it was limited to iPads and despite a huge demand from fans, publisher 2K games kept the game limited to Windows and Mac for a year. We tried and tested the game and here’s what we found.

Civilization VI on iOS – The Good

People have been playing Civilization VI on Apple iPad for quite some time and now iPhones users can also download the game from the official app store. Following are the things that we like the most about Civilization 6 on iPhones and iPads.

The first and the most attractive thing about the game is that graphics wise, it is a direct PC port, which means you will hardly find anything less than the PC version of the game. This major factor makes the gameplay more appealing and of course, there’s a $60 price tag, so any compromise could have resulted in the death of the game on the platform.

On the latest iPhones that come with a big screen, Civilization VI looks pretty neat and easy to play. The interface design is the most important thing in mobile games. After reviews and app size, UI is probably the most important detail players look at on app store. To our surprise, the UI is very responsive and comfortable.

The game features two main game modes – single player and multiplayer. The multiplayer mode has two branches called hot seat and local. Hot seat mode lets players pass mobile to each other which may not sound great in theory but is fun when you play it with a friend. The local multiplayer mode lets you play with friends when they join you over Wi-Fi using their iOS devices.

Civilization VI on iOS – The Bad

Soon after I installed and played Civilization VI, I noticed that the game is a battery drainer. I wasn’t expecting this from an iOS port of this game, but it reminded me of the Pokemon GO horror. When Nintendo released Pokemon GO, the game was horrible and battery issues were later fixed by Niantic. The developer of Civilization VI needs to work in this area because the game eats up a lot of battery power. This particular issue ruins the experience for people who prefer playing games when they are traveling.

One more thing that disappointed many people is the lack of the Rise and Fall expansion. According to the developer, they “hope to support” the expansion pack in the future. As expected, there’s no timeframe given by the developer, so all you can do is just wait or buy the game on PC and access the expansion content.

One important feature missing from the game is online multiplayer. As mentioned above, the game’s multiplayer mode features local and hot seat features, but there’s no way you can enjoy the multiplayer feature online. Playing the game on a small screen is a pain. If you’re not using any of the latest iPhones then you will probably start hating the game soon. On the small screen phones, the controls feel cluttered and in no way justify the price.

Civilization VI on iOS – The Ugly

Out of all the good and bad things about Civilization VI, the worst thing about the game is its price tag. It’s true that making a game requires a lot of efforts and this is also true that lack of microtransactions is also a reason why the developer is asking for money upfront. The game looks amazing, but it is really not $60 amazing if you’re going to play it on a mobile phone. There are two DLC packs and if you want them, you will have to pay money. The upfront cost of $60 is certainly not a deal breaker for many, but those who have a PC or console would want to spend that money on some other games.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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