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The Extraordinary Part of Animal Crossing You Really Need To See.

( Animal Crossing is coming to Nintendo Switch and if you haven’t played this game already, do it. There are many reasons why you should play Animal Crossing as it has so much to offer. You can expect motivation, fan art, relaxing gameplay, beautiful animals that love you, and a lot of activities to do. This game is simply amazing.

When you download and play Animal Crossing, you will meet adorable animal villagers who are ready to give you lots of love and the items you may need to build your own town and manage our house. The best thing about the game is that there’s no single objective. Some people play it to make money, some play it to find peace and reduce stress, some people are just available there to help you, not only with the materialistic things this game offers but the real motivation that you cannot find in dead Pinterest images and Instagram posts.

For the first time players, the game may feel like Hay Day and other crafting and township games that let you build your own virtual world and interact with neighbors, feed animals or grow something to earn virtual money. But when you play Animal Crossing, you realize that there’s something different about this game. Yes, it may feel boring and repetitive if you’re doing the same things again and don’t have a clue about what else you can do.

While other games turn everything into a chore, Animal Crossing doesn’t do that. It doesn’t force you to look at dozens of things at once and it also doesn’t threaten you for being the kind of gamer you are. Animal Crossing is an escape. It takes you away from a world that constantly reminds you about a set of rules people have set for a happy life. You are not required here to work hard or ignore the beauty just to achieve something solid or earn some rewards. This game purely thrives on its social aspects without any hard rules.

There are fishes to catch, flowers and fruits to water, animals to take care of, and adorable cute villager to talk to. If you want to take a break, there’s no serious punishment for that. Your plants will still grow, people will still be there, and other than some obvious changes, like a new neighbor occupying a place or your plants will become limp, nothing will change. There’s nothing wrong if you want to go away from it for some time and choose to come back after a week or months.

Animals in the game bring real inspiration. They know how to keep you happy with positive affirmations and no matter how badly you are struggling in life, they are always there to listen to you and love you unconditionally. Most importantly, they will never let you feel that you’re alone. Look at the threads on Reddit or Twitter posts and you will see how people, in the real world, are helping each other by sharing positive quotes and inspirational thoughts from Animal Crossing.

How many games are capable of bringing such a positive change? We all know that it’s all virtual, but when you play Animal Crossing, you will be on a journey of self-discovery. The game makes you a humble, a better human being which can be seen in the community of players who share artwork and stand for each other whenever someone needs support.

In the world of gaming, we all expect value for our money. We see many free-to-play games that are strategically designed to earn money once after you reach a certain level or need certain items to complete a mission. Animal Crossing is also a paid game and there are things which you can spend money on, and just like many other games, spending money is completely up to you. What separates it from the rest of the games is its capability to give back. It teaches you how to live a better life and how to find happiness in small things.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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