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Rage 2 Gameplay Videos Reveal New Exciting Details.

( Apart from releasing a brief Rage 2 gameplay video at QuakeCon 2018, publisher Bethesda hosted some special hands-on sessions. The publisher allowed fans to play the demo, and several media outlets also got the chance to play the game.

Soon after the event, many gameplay videos started appearing and gave us an idea of how violent the game is. Now when there are plenty of gameplay videos available, fresh details about Rage 2 are available. We have compiled all the information that you need to know about Rage 2 gameplay features.

It’s been more than eight years since the original Rage hit the stores. There were many things that became center of attraction for Rage. Most important among all was the powerful id Tech 5 game engine. Now when Rage 2 is about to land after a few months, and Bethesda has officially unveiled the gameplay trailer, fans couldn’t help but admire the use of vibrant colors in the game.

While Rage 2 still features the same chaotic post-apocalyptic environment and the protagonist Walker, it does that with bright colors. The developers have used many colors in the game itself and in the marketing material as well. The interesting part is the heavy use of colors is intentional. The original game’s art design is dominated by gray and brown colors and it led many people to criticize the game for the darker tone.

Some players who liked the dark visuals will certainly miss that artwork, but it’s good that the sequel Rage 2 will come with more vibrant and dynamic visuals. The environment feels more colorful and the places you will explore in the game will look more realistic. For example, exploring the areas like desert, mountains, and forests will make players feel connected to the environment. Those dull colors with a mix of brown, gray and green in the original Rage game took the fun away from the exploration part.

In Rage 2 gameplay videos, you’ll notice that the gameplay is violent but the gore is very less when compared to what we saw in Doom Eternal and many other games which are set in the post-apocalyptic environment. There’s obviously so much more we haven’t seen yet and Rage 2 is still in development, but at some points, the gameplay looks nothing more than goofy insanity where shooting at enemies looks like all you have to do is to move in circles and shoot whoever comes in your way.

That small boomerang is exceptionally good but it’s the only weapon that looks exciting. The reason is simple – lack of variety in the killing moves. No matter how many big guns Id Software adds into the weaponry, but if you’re killing everyone in the same way, it gets boring and repetitive. Fortunately, Walker has got some new abilities such as the Shatter and Slam. He becomes more powerful and faster when the Overdrive meter is full.

Some of the biggest gameplay features were not revealed during the broadcast but later in a separate panel. Developer Avalanche Studio and Id Software told fans that Rage 2 features many vehicles and an airboat. You can actually drive an airboat and there’s a huge monster truck called the Cok Rocket that you can drive.

Gameplay trailers didn’t show us everything that’s planned for Rage 2, but during a small panel, Id Software revealed that there’s so much more happening in the enemy squad. There are many other enemies in different squads that are equipped with a variety of fighting styles. There’s a group of enemies called River Hogs. These survivors won’t trouble you as long as you are not carrying the stuff they are looking for. Game director Magnus Nedfors said as long as players are not causing any threat to River Hogs, these creatures won’t come to them, but they are always on the lookout for new stuff.

Rage 2 is one of the few games that deeply care about single-player game mode. It doesn’t mean that there’s no other way to socialize, the game developer Id Software has confirmed that Rage 2 will feature something it described as “social component,” which is different from the classic multiplayer mode. We are yet to hear about the other Rage 2 gameplay features. The game will arrive in spring 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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