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The Worst Examples Of Power Scaling In Dragon Ball Super.

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( Dragon Ball Super was a good, but not great anime. One of the reasons why it wasn’t nearly as great as I thought it would be because of the very bad power scaling that was all over the place and had absolutely no explanation for it.

Here are the worst examples of power scaling in Dragon Ball Super.

1. Gohan vs Kefla (manga) In the recent chapter of The Dragon Ball Super manga, Gohan was getting absolutely squashed by Kefla, but all of a sudden, he’s able to go toe-to-toe with her. This to me is the absolute worst example of power scaling in Dragon Ball Super because a Potara fusion is supposed to far more powerful than a singular person because the power multiplier for the Potara fusion is person A x person B. Gohan wasn’t even supposed to keep up with a fusion like Kefla that was supposed to be nearly as powerful as Jiren, but even though I like Gohan & Kefla, but this power scaling really pissed me off. I literally hate The Tournament Of Power manga now because it’s extremely rushed more so than it was in the anime.

2. Mastered SSB Goku vs Merged Zamasu (manga) – Near the climax of The Future Trunks Arc in the manga, Goku went into a mastered Super Saiyan Blue state and was able to somehow keep up with one of the biggest threats to the multiverse at the time in a powerful Potara fusion named Merged Zamasu which was another example of bad power scaling because it made absolutely no sense to me how Goku (Mastered SSB) was able to go toe-to-toe against Merged Zamasu because prior to that, Goku was getting squashed by Merged Zamasu. I absolutely hated that chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga because of the bad power scaling.

3. Berserker Kale vs Golden Frieza (manga) – Just a while back in the early stages of The Tournament Of Power manga, we got to see one of the biggest anti-Saiyan haters in Dragon Ball history in Frieza first face off against Universe 6’s Caulifla which was a decent fight until Frieza upped the ante and transformed into Golden Frieza and was literally squashing Caulifla until Kale turned into her Berserk state and was immediately squashing and keeping up with Golden Frieza which is another example of bad power scaling that also pissed me off because it is another reason why the power scaling in the manga version of The Tournament Of Power to me is much worse than what it was in the anime.

4. Android 17 vs SSB Goku (anime) – At the beginning of The Tournament Of Power Arc in the anime, Goku was actually recruiting extra heroes to The Universe 7 Team. When Goku decided to try to recruit Android 17 to the team, 17 refused, but we know that Goku doesn’t like to take NO for an answer and so he decided to challenge Android 17 to a “fight”, but the bad power scaling here is that somehow Android 17 was able to keep up with a Super Saiyan Blue Goku which absolutely made no sense to me at all and a lot of people including myself didn’t like this bad power scaling we saw in this episode of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

5. Kefla vs SSG Goku (anime) – In the much later part of The Tournament Of Power anime, Goku was actually training Caulifla and Kale to get stronger and master their transformations better, but when SSG Goku was about to eliminate the pair from the arena like he should’ve done sooner than later, they fuse into Kefla and the bad power scaling once again rears its ugly head when Kefla was able to somehow keep up with a Super Saiyan God Goku which also didn’t make any sense to me at all. This power scaling was definitely one of the worst in the history of Dragon Ball Super.

The Conclusion – Dragon Ball Super could’ve been better than DBZ had they not had so many power scaling issues that plagued the anime and the manga.

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