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My Favorite Vegeta Moments.

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( Over the past 18 years of watching Vegeta during my teenage years when Toonami was at its peak at the time, I have seen him being given the most character development of any character in Dragon Ball history going from a vicious and ruthless heel (bad guy) during The Saiyan Saga in DBZ to being a guy unlike the deadbeat Saiyan father who actually loves and cares for his family including his wife Bulma.

Here are my Favorite Vegeta Moments

1. Doing The Final Explosion For The First Time To Actually Save The World From Majin Buu – Right before Majin Buu was hatched, Vegeta was at the peak of his very intense fight against his eternal rival that he’s never actually lost to in Kakarot as they both fought intensely and had their brief moments of glory during the fight. This fight was actually my favorite fight from The DBZ era. He later knocked Kakarot from Super Saiyan 2 all the way back to his base form by saying “I’ll finish this Buu myself. The last thing I need is for this clown to play hero and dangle it over my head.” He then flew off after eating the last Sensu Bean That Kakarot had to fight against Majin Buu. He gave it everything he had against Buu, but it wasn’t enough, so he decided to power up and before he explodes he says, “Bulma, Trunks, I do this for you and yes, even you Kakarot” and blows up. This moment was the saddest and most emotional DBZ moment for many people including me.

2. His First Super Saiyan Transformation On A Mysteriously Dark Planet – After seeing Kakarot in Super Saiyan form again a Full Power Frieza during the climax of The Frieza Saga and then being teleported back to Earth, he immediately grew to despise the fact that a low-level clown like Kakarot achieved The Super Saiyan while he The Saiyan Prince could not, so he decided to use a Capsule Corp space ship to train at 400x normal gravity for three years straight at a mysteriously dark planet and while there he began to shoot energy blasts at the meteors that was trying claim his ship and his life and then the mother meteor appeared out of nowhere and Vegeta fired at the mother meteor, but was knocked down from the sky to the land and this is where he let go about being better than Kakarot, didn’t care about being a Super Saiyan, and didn’t care if he lived and then he pulled off the sickest Super Saiyan transformation of The DBZ Era by finally transforming to a Super Saiyan and destroying the mother meteor in the process and this all happened during my favorite episode of The DBZ Era called “Upgrade To Super Saiyan”.

3. “That’s My Bulma!!!” – My favorite scene from “The Battle Of Gods Arc” was when Universe 7 God Of Destruction Beerus was scolded by Bulma for interrupting her birthday day and then Beerus slapped her down and boy did this greatly infuriate Vegeta when he exploded into a fit of rage when he immediately charged at Beerus and was actually the first one to land some hits on Beerus (unlike Kakarot during their very first fight) that forced him to use a very small portion of his power to actually knock out Vegeta after he used the Super Galick Gun which didn’t phase him. He had even surpassed a Super Saiyan 3 during the moment when Vegeta told Kakarot at the end of “The Battle Of Gods Arc”, “In that great moment, I surpassed you Kakarot!!!” which Kakarot admitted, “yeah, you definitely did”.

4. Breaking His Limits Against Jiren – For most of “The Tournament Of Power Arc”, Vegeta was deliberately pushed to the side and wasn’t even truly tested because they had him basically fighting jobbers like Ribrianne, The Dangerous Trio, and The Superhero Dude. But when he finally got his shot against Jiren, he came out swinging and became the first person to actually land a single shot on Jiren which is something that Kakarot couldn’t even do while at Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20, let alone Ultra Instinct Omen. And then Jiren of course fights back with punches of his own and knocks Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta down and immediately fires a blast that almost managed to eliminate Vegeta from the stage until he blew himself up therefore saving himself from being eliminated and then Jiren comments, “Your fists reek of arrogance” to which Vegeta replied, “I am indeed arrogant, but that’s my pride as a Saiyan” and immediately powers back up to Super Saiyan Blue and charged up and says to Jiren “I’ll never beat you, don’t make me laugh”, and “Kakarot can have Ultra Instinct, I’ll surpass you in my own way!!!” and does a full powered Final Flash that actually knocks down Jiren for the first time during “The Tournament Of Power Arc”, but as Vegeta was laughing, Jiren quickly got back up and commented on how powerful Vegeta’s full powered Final Flash was did a very powerful blast that nearly killed him, but then surprisingly, Vegeta quickly gets back up and immediately powers back up to Super Saiyan Blue once more and as he’s trying to break his limits, he remembers the promise that he made to Cabba and then he says that he will break past his limits and surpass Jiren in his own way and does my favorite transformation in Dragon Ball Super by transforming to “Ultra Super Saiyan Blue” and the transformation looked badass and much better than Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20.

5. Ripping Merged Zamasu To Shreds With The Gamma Burst Flash – In the manga version of Dragon Ball Super near the climax of “The Future Trunks Arc” at the end of chapter 25, Vegeta was having great difficulty taking down a god-tier opponent that was clearly the biggest threat to the multiverse in Merged Zamasu and then after Kakarot got beat down very badly, Goku Black in a cowardly way attacked his son Future Trunks, this sent Vegeta in a very explosive rage when he immediately attacked to refused Merged Zamasu by charging up and releasing his new attack called “The Gamma Burst Flash” which actually ripped Merged Zamasu to pieces unlike the often overrated Kamehameha that actually went through him at the beginning of chapter 23 in the Dragon Ball Super manga. The Gamma Burst Flash recently made its way to popular Dragon Ball mobile game called “Dokkan Battle” and The Gamma Burst Flash looks absolutely sick in the game!!!

The Conclusion – I would’ve never watched Dragon Ball if it wasn’t for Vegeta because the reason why I could relate to him so much because he often reminds me of myself in particular when I was much younger being a wild and rebellious kid growing up on Jackson St. back in the day and that’s why Vegeta will always be my favorite Dragon Ball character.

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  1. J.T. Anime says:

    Nice of you to praise the Great “Vegeta”. I do wish they would do more with his character. Why continue to have him play second fiddle to Goku?

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